How many cups of coffee should you not drink per day?

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This is probably a question that many coffee lovers often wonder about. How many cups of coffee should we drink per day? Of course, drinking a little coffee every The day does not have much negative effect on the body. But drinking too much coffee And if it gets to the point of creating a problem from “caffeine addiction” then you may have to go back and reconsider your coffee drinking behavior to see if you are at risk of caffeine addiction or not.

How many cups of coffee should you not drink per day?

Dr. Lek, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kitipong Suntarapa, Head of the Immuno-Pharmacology Unit Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital The owner of the Facebook page Dr. Aki – Doctor Aki explains, “From statistical research from the University of South Australia last March, it was found that Drinking more than 6 cups of coffee per day significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. The results of this study therefore indicate that 6 glasses per day is the amount that is likely to begin to cause adverse effects on the heart system. and blood vessels”

However, the data from this study may not be 100% direct to Thai people. “The data from this study was obtained from European people, whose physical condition is different from Asian people. The amount of coffee that is harmful to Asian people should be somewhat different.”

Consistent with Japanese research Do not drink more than 5 glasses.

Although the said research is a study with European people. But the data from this study report is consistent with results from studies from Japan.

“This figure is in line with the results of a statistical study from Japan last month that found that drinking no more than 5 cups of coffees per day reduces death rates from various serious diseases. Overall, it was significant. But if you drink more than 5 glasses a day, you will experience negative effects on your health .”

Therefore, it may be roughly concluded that the recommended amount of coffee There should be no more than 3-4 cups per day, although many people may be able to tolerate the effects of caffeine. Drink coffee without disturbing sleep. But drinking too much coffees is not beneficial to the body either from the amount of caffeine received too much. Coffees stains that can cause teeth to yellow and the risk of caffeine addiction