‘Cantona’ ‘likes’ ‘Pep Guardiola’ performance

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Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has admitted he admires Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola. Which he turned to handle many fields after the end of the football path

The former footballer of perfume blood used to accept acting work. Including being a public relations representative for various brands to see each other continuously And most recently, he just debuted in the music path. and announcing a concert tour in Europe

In an interview about his music career, Cantona spoke of Guardiola and praised the manager’s artistry. “

I like Guardiola, he’s an artist. He is the creator,” he told ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/.

“Everything he does. It has never been done before. He is the spiritual heir of Johan Cruyff.”

When asked how he felt about the work of Pep Guardiola, Cantona replied: “What I like in today’s football world. Only Guardiola’s work.”

Also, when asked about the club’s takeover, Cantona replied, “I’m not going to talk about that. Guardiola, good things in football world, more than any of them

Recently, Guardiola just took the “blue sailboats” to defeat the “red devils” in the final match of the FA Cup. P which brings them one step closer to the treble championship Before winning the Champions League trophy next week