Barcelona plans to extend contract of Guille.

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Barcelona are preparing to negotiate a contract extension with Guille Fernandez. A 15-year-old midfielder with a bright future from La Masia.

Diario Sport reporter Tony Juanmarti reported on Tuesday that. Barcelona plans to negotiate a contract extension with Guillermo Fernandez or Guille, another 15-year-old midfield gem of the La Masia training center. Before his current contract expires this summer. UFABET

Guille moved from Espanyol’s academy to La Masia in 2018. He played for Jubenil B (U18) at the age of 15 and has also played for Jubenil A (U-19) in the UEFA Youth League as well.

According to reports, Barcelona plans to negotiate an extension of Gueye’s contract. Replacing his existing deal which expires on June 30, following interest from German clubs. 

Spanish football regulations stipulate that clubs can only sign players under the age of 18 on a three-year deal. In Guille’s case, his contract with Barcelona runs until June 30, 2027.

Even though negotiations have not yet started. But the matter is likely to end well as Guille has a desire to stay with Barcelona. Meanwhile, Jorge Mendes, who is responsible for looking. After the interests of the players has a close relationship with Joan Lapozara, president of the Azul Grana team as well.