Hoylund move to Manchester United too soon.

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Hoylund move to Manchester United too soon.

  • Jamie Carragher thinks Rasmus Hoylund joined Manchester United too soon.
  • This player should go and gain experience with other teams first.
  • Too bad for a player who probably would have still done well with Atalanta.

Jamie Carragher, former defender of Liverpool , the giant club of the English Premier League, has expressed his opinion. That Rasmus Hoylund, the young striker of the Danish national team, Decided to move to play with Manchester United too quickly

Carragher, who currently plays an analyst role, Leading media outlet,

That “I feel a little sorry for Hojlund, he is still a young boy. This is too much of a jump to make the decision to transfer at the start of your career.

“He should probably go somewhere else for two years and maybe come to Manchester United. I just feel really sorry for him.” Concluding remarks

The 21-year-old striker moved from Atalanta in the Italian Serie A to play with Manchester United last summer. With a price as high as 72 million pounds and still not performing very consistently after scoring 14 goals in 39 games, including all competitions.

For the “Dairy Cow” striker, he signed a contract ufabet https://ufabet999.app with Manchester United until 2028 and was expecte to Will be an important force for the team in the future.

San Marino veteran Roberto Di Maio slammed Rasmus Hojlund after the striker accused him of trying to destroying his career.

  • Di Maio hits back at Hojlund
  • Man Utd star complained about harsh tackles
  • Denmark beat San Marino 2-1

WHAT HAPPENED? The Manchester United forward. Who scored the opener in Denmark’s 2-1 win over San Marino in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, was subject to a harsh challenge towards the end of the match by veteran defender Di Maio. Hojlund accused the player of deliberately trying to destroy his career while speak after the match.