Ranking the best playmakers of all time

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Ranking the best playmakers of all time

  • A series that ranks the best players in the world of all time in each position.
  • The attacking midfielder is another important position in football games of every era. 
  • Counting down the 10 best playmakers of all time.

It is a normal debate in every era about which player is the greatest player the world has ever seen. Today we want to try to answer those questions in a more detailed way with a ranking of the best players of all time in each position. Of course, it may or may not be to the liking of many people, but this is one of the charms of football, with debates showing different opinions.

Technique, vision, reading the game, possession, passing and creativity. It is the main duty of an attacking midfielder to perform on https://ufabet999.app the field. They are like the brains that determine the direction of the team’s play. Of course, this position is often given special attention, allowing many people to rise to fame and become legends in the industry. Today we will take you on a countdown with..

Kevin de Bruyne

Midfielder of the Belgian team Stepping in to be a key man for Manchester City in the era of manager Pep Guardiola since moving from Wolfsburg in 2015 and currently at the age of 32, De Bruyne is Undoubtedly one of the ten best players in the world.

Georgie Haji

Haji is Romania’s greatest football legend. Not only was he a three-time league champion with Steaua Bucharest in his home country, he was also named Footballer of the Year a total of seven times in the late ’80s. Clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Galatasaray as well.

Andrea Pirlo

Often commanding a back four rather than playing behind the strikers, Pirlo is a footballer with skill, brains, vision and technique. He also has great experience. Countless achievements with the Italian national team, Milan and Juventus.


Xavi rose from the youth team to become a legend at Barcelona, ​​playing for the “Chao Bun Thum” in more than 700 games and leading the team to sweep many championships. Including being a key man in the Spanish national team that won the World Cup and Euro Championship as well, at the age of 44 he still holds the reins at Camp Nou.

Michael Laudrup

Laudrup was voted the best Danish footballer of all time in 2006, and the playmaker excelled during his time with Barcelona in 1898- 1994, who was chosen as the best player of the season 2 times and not only was a 4-time La Liga champion with “Jao Bunthum”, he also led Madrid to win the league championship 1 time as well.


Along with Ronaldinho, Kaka is considered to be the last great playmaker Brazil has produced. A year after winning the 2002 World Cup, he moved to Milan and rose to new heights by winning the Ballon d’Or in 2007.


Rivaldo had a great spell with Barcelona from 1997 to 2002. Also led Brazil to the 1999 Copa America and the 2002 World Cup, as well as winning one Ballon d’Or. time


Ronaldinho is one of the most talented footballers in the world. And every football fan has always loved him. And the highest point of the person came in 2002. When he led Brazil to win the world championship and in 2005/06. He led Barcelona to win the great triple championship.

Johan Cruyff

Cruyff was praised as He is Holland’s greatest footballer of all time. Success with Ajax, Amsterdam and Barcelona says it all for the Dutch legend.

Diego Maradona

The best football players of all time. And Argentine Maradona is like a god to the people of his hometown. Including clubs like Napoli and is also the idol of many “blue-and-white” footballers. Which is not surprising with what he has done for the country.