Conclusions that could happen to Manchester City

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Conclusions that could happen to Manchester City.

It became big news in football. When Manchester City were charge with a number of breaches of Premier League financial rules between 2009 and 2018. Totaling more than 100!

But why is Manchester City being charge so heavily? Caveh Solhekol following details.

Manchester City were charged with about 100 breaches of Financial Fair Play rules over a nine-year period, from 2009 to 2018. During which time they won three Premier League titles.

Premier League Financial Fair Play rules. It is design to allow clubs to spend as much as they earn. But you can avoid it by increasing the amount you earn or concealing the amount spent.

According to the Premier League, Manchester City have been in breach of the rules for the past nine seasons. They do not provide accurate financial information.

They allegedly failed to disclose the total wages given to the manager over a four-year period. Thus presuming confidentiality was discussed. And it is possible that one of the managers was paid more than what is officially stat.

The Premier League also accused Manchester City of failing to comply with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules during a five-year period and of failing to fully cooperate with a Premier League investigation. Of course, this is very serious for the Blues.

Back in February 2020, City were banned by UEFA for two seasons from European competition and fine €30m (£26.8m).

Man City always insist they have done nothing wrong. It appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Where the ban was lifted and the fine reduced to 10m euros (£8.9m).

during the trial The jury claimed that the incident happened too long before that. and believes that UEFA cannot convict them And this latest problem, can Man City still rely on CAS?

The Premier League rules do not set a clear statute of limitations. So when Man City try to defend themselves They also could not say that these alleged crimes had happened too long before.

Pep Guardiola vows he’ll go if he’s corrupt

These were Pep Guardiola’s words last May. He promised to quit immediately if City’s board lied to them about Financial Fair Play and a few months later signed a new contract.

Believe that Guardiola will definitely keep his word if lied to. And it led to a lot of turmoil within the club.

It comes at a time when Manchester City are weak, they’ve just lost to Tottenham Hotspur, and now it’s even more difficult to defend the Premier League title. While many senior players are starting to become unhappy with their role until the news of transferring the team, Joao Cancelo is an example.

Must continue to follow up on how the results will come out. But what we know now is that Arsenal may benefit from the fact that Man City are facing a monsoon. and finally won the first Premier League title since the 2003/04 season.